Friday, August 13, 2010

The Monica Guide to Packing.

Oh my bags are packed,I'm ready to go!

One of my favourite parts of any holiday is the packing. No, I'm not being sarcastic, I really do love it. Which is a good thing, seeing as I was an ex-pat for five years and that involved a lot of packing. So I am now adept at packing not just for short weekly or fortnightly holidays, but I can also cram 10 months worth into a check-in case and a cabin bag. Not bad for a high maintenance gal!

The fun starts a week before I leave. The empty suitcase is placed on the bedroom floor. I start with night wear (as in going-out clothes, not nighties!) I try on everything I want to wear including assessories, taking it night by night! I am now going to confess something that I've never told a single soul. I have a small diary in which I write everything down! Oh God, even saying it now makes me wonder if I have OCD or maybe OPPD ( Overly Particular Packing Disorder).

I am not so bad, that I can't deviate from my plan. If, for example, I want to wear something on Monday night, but I have it down for Thursday night, I CAN DO IT!!!! I see it as an outline rather than a cast-iron plan.

I not only do this for night-time ensembles but also for daytime ones!! However I want to make a case in my defence before I am hauled away by the men in white. There is a logical reason for this seemly irrational behaviour, honest!

When I was packing for months on end, weight was of the essence (my suitcase, not me, thank God!). I would only bring something if it went with at least three other things in my case, thus making numberous outfits. Shoes and bags had to be neutral colours so they went with everything.

As a result, I can pack a fully co-ordinated suitcase which ensures that no entire outfit is repeated throughout the duration of the holiday.......all for under 16kgs! Now there is a feat not many women was achieve.

Michael O Leary would love me!

It fact I am so good at it, family members have gotten me to pack for them before they jet off. I LOVE DOING IT! I wonder if there is an opening for a little business here. I mean, there are companies who will pack up your house contents and ship them off. I could do your wardrobe for you! Now there's a thought.

My case is packed and I'm ready for Turkey.

There is still one aspect of packing that flumoxes me..

How come that, even if you buy nothing on holidays, your clothes won't fit back into the case they came in? Do they mate and multiply in the heat???

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