Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lord of the Dance

Emma and I were sitting in Foley’s Bar quietly sipping our unnaturally blue cocktails. I was wondering about such important things as

Who won the Hurling match between Tipperary and Waterford?

Ah, you can take the girl out of Ireland but you can’t take Ireland out of the girl!

I asked one of the Turkish waiters, cos like he’d know! He didn’t, but never one to leave you disappointed, he said

“I’ll ask our boss Des Foley. He is over here for a few days. He likes the matches.”

Before I could utter a word he returned with Des in tow.

Flashback to two summers ago......

All my family were out on holiday and we were having a mighty time in Foleys. Des Foley was over that time too with a large group. A little bit of a Dance-Off started between the Turks and the Irish. The Turkish waiters performed a very intricate folk dance that involved lots of weaving in and out, waving of arms and lots of guttural cheers. Us Irish couldn’t let them away with that!

I have no idea how it came about but myself and Des ended up doing a performance of Riverdance.

Actually “performance” is too strong a word, it was more like an “interpretation”.....and a very loose one at that!

We one-two-threed, swung around, high-kicked for all we were worth, legs flailing independently from our bodies a la Michael Flately. We finished to the tumultuous applause of our adoring audience.

Or maybe it was shrieks of laughter, I can’t really remember!

The next day, when we returned to Foley’s, I was met with the question

“What on earth did you do to Mr. Foley last night?”


“He was taken to hospital last night with a dislocated hip!”

The poor man! I hadn’t seen him since.....until now, that is.

He was shaking our hands and said

“Don’t I know ye from somewhere?”

“Eh, yes. Do you remember doing Riverdance a few years ago? That was me....”

“Jaysus, is it yourself? Sure wasn’t I out of action for a month after that!”

I was a little worried about how he was going to react to someone who had contributed to such an injury But I needn’t have worried. He called to a waiter and said

“Get these girls a drink!”

Had a great auld chat (Tipperary won, in case you're interested!). We have been invited to his pub back in Ireland for another session. It should be mighty craic but we’ll go easy on the Riverdancing though..

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