Sunday, August 1, 2010

I couldn't face it!

The girls and I headed down to Galway on Thursday to take in the Galway Races. Having arrived in the city we needed something to eat. A friend of ours recommended a fish restaurant called Nemo's on the quays. I thought that it was a terrible name for a fish restaurant, as all I could visualise was little Nemo about to be fried. But when we arrived there, the sign over the door read Nimmo's! Ah, that's better. It certainly lived up to its reputation. the food was delicious, service was so friendly and the decor was quirky.

I loved the portraits on the walls in which everyone had their face hidden by an object. This inspired me for the rest of the weekend. So here is our story of The Galway Races......

Ok. So this is what we really looked like!

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