Monday, August 30, 2010

Come into my parlour........

While I was away on holiday, my house alarm went off for the first time ever. Raharney is not exactly a crime-ridden ghetto, but there was a house burglary in the area last week. My neighbours from across the road came to check around, saw nothing wrong, but still rang my brother to come and check inside.

Very apprehensively, Finian entered the house. Thankfully nothing was amiss. Having consulted the code on the alarm he located the source of the problem.......
A spider had built a web in front of a sensor in the hallway. The vibrations caused by a trapped fly had caused the alarm to go off!
This proves that either my alarm is VERY sensitive or I am cultivating a herd of gigantic spiders.

What is the collective name for spiders??

Spent my first evening home dusting, dusting, dusting.