Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Turkish Delight

I haven't been posting for the past while as I have been busy being up to all sorts of no good in Turkey! My brother and his wife were so good as to purchase an apartment in Mahmutlar, near Alayna, back in the golden age of the Celtic Tiger. It is now my third time to go there and
This year my sister-in-law Marese, my niece Emma and myself jetted off

Please note how fresh-eyed and healthy we to compared to when we return!

We were joined by my two friends Jenny and Gwen. I was a little worried for a moment as I was the link between the two groups who had never met before. But I needn't have. We got along like a house on fire. In fact we had little challenges everyday


Day 1: Get chatted up. Successful, come on this is Turkey.

Day 2: Get engaged. Successful, well done Emma.

Day 3: Get married. Successful, congratulations Jenny. More on this story later!!!

Day 4: Last 10 minutes without laughing. Failure. We just couldn't manage it!

At Dublin airport before we left, we went to the Foreign Exchange to get our Liras. Nice man behind the counter said
"Here you are. Now keep your receipts as then you return you can change what you have left back into euro without commission."

We fell about the place.

Ah, bless him. Is he having a laugh? Bring money back???

There are so many adventures we had, that I will have to take it in instalments to recount them all! any time I have nothing to talk about from Ireland I will tell one, which should be quite often.

Every afternoon our hair would be all over the place because of sweat (oops I mean perspiration!) oils and water. So we would head over to the hairdressers where you could get a wash and blow dry...up style, down style over style, whatever you wanted, all for 5 euro!! But the best part was the fact that the bar-staff from Healy's bar, across the road would come in to take our order. They would then return balancing our vodkas and bacardis on a tray. I've never gotten tipsy in a hairdressers before!

The little guy who did my hair reminded me of Justin from Ugly Betty. The first day as he was finishing my hair he said
"You big for girl.'
"You big for girl."
I was about to hit him when I realised he was saying
"You beau-ti-ful girl."
On our last evening there he said
"You live in Tores bes?" which means Tower Five
He thought for a moment and said
"My weight. Your home"
I thought to myself "Why is he telling me he weighs five stone. He must be at least five and a half!"
I smiled and said yes.
His little eyes lit up and he said
"Really. My weight. Your home?"
I suddenly realised he was saying
"I will wait at your home for you later on tonight"

Come off it Sunshine. You remind me of Justin!!!

It couldn't happen anywhere else!