Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Big Phat Turkish Wedding!

The best day of our Turkish holiday has to be the day that Jenny got married!
We went for breakfast (ok so it was brunch) in Foleys Bar. As we mulled over our egg and sausages, we wondered what the day would bring. Someone ( I have no idea who) came up with the suggestion that one of us should get married. Seeing as Marese and Gwen are married (not to each other,mind you!), that limited it to Emma, Jenny and myself. As Jenny is the award winning actress she was the obvious choice! The waiters overheard us....and suddenly the whole adventure took legs and ran around the place!! Mustafa, who had the hots for Jenny anyway, was to be the lucky groom.

The waiters drew up their list

  • venue
  • decorations
  • cake
  • priest...who just happened to double as the bare-chested, fire juggling barman!
  • wedding singer....thanks Charlie!

Us girlies were then responsible for

  • dress
  • veil
  • bridesmaids outfits
  • ring

The time was set for 8.30pm that very evening, so time was of the essence. We were all reved about it at this stage and we kinda forgot that it wasn't for real!First task was The Dress! We went into the first little kookie dress shop on the street.

Shall we go with the Vera Wang or the Alexander McQueen?

There were a couple of white sundresses hanging up. Jenny tried on the first one.

It was nice, but not wow!

I have heard it said that when you try on your perfect wedding dress, you will know it immediately. As I have no experience of this I will take your word for it. But when Jenny appeared from behind the curtain that served as a dressing room, wearing the second dress, we all had a sharp intake of breath and said

Ahh, that's it! Perfect.

It definately had a touch of Vera Wang about it.....and for only 15 euro! Score.

When the shop assistant heard that it was for a wedding, she got so enthusiastic, that she gave Jenny a good luck elephant as a present for her "new home". We had a pang of guilt, but we couldn't spoil her day by telling her the truth.

Next stop was a veil. We found it in the next shop. We couldn't find fascinators for the bridesmaids, but we did find four lovely headbands. Last item on our list was a ring. Jenny was planning on buying herself a ring anyway so it wasn't really an added expense. The jeweller was very helpful. The ring was too big and he said he could have it resized by 8.00. Jenny was distraught and said

"But I'm getting married at 8.30!"

"No problem I can have it at 6.oo".

You wouldn't get that service in Tiffany's!

Of course, Mustafa needed a ring as well. The jeweller produced a cheap but very suitable man's ring. Not only that, when he heard what it was really for, he put it in a box, wrapped it up and put a bow around it. The wrapping probably cost more that the actual ring. There was another Irish customer in the shop who was fascinated by what was going on. He said that he would love to come to the wedding but he didn't bring a suit with him on holiday! We reassured him that the dresscode was "smart casual" and he was more than welcome at Foleys at 8.30!

Time was moving on at this stage. So off to the hairdressers for hair, make-up and vodka! Again, there was fierce excitement when they heard that there was to be a wedding! Books were taken out and hairstyles were discussed! Ibrahim's wife was also a beautician so that was that sorted. It was when the door opened and a professional photographer came in to take our pictures that we began to panic a bit. Ibrahim had called him as he wanted photos for advertising.

We are probably in this month's issue of "Hello Turkey".

Jenny looked stunning every bit the Turkish bride!

I just get over the fact that no-one thought it was strange that she could be getting married in an hour after only meeting her "groom" three days previous. But then I suppose we have all heard the weird stories of women running off with Turkish waiters, so it could have been true!

Back to the apartments for the final preparations. Once Bridie and bridesmaids were ready, off we headed for the bar. Luckily we only had a short walk down the street. What a sight greeted our eyes. The whole place was decorated with balloons and flowers!

When they saw us coming, the waiters made a guard of honour down the stairs for Mustafa to make his grand entrance, bedecked in his black Foleys shirt and a glittery dickie bow.

I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life. We had everything...the exchange of vows, the cutting of the cake and the first dance! I ended up having to do the vows. I think Fr. Mc Dreamy might have singed his hair (chest, not head) during his act. The vows were particulary moving, even if I do say so myself.

Do you Jenny, promise to love, honour and disobey your husband all the days of

While they were having their first dance, a man came over to me to ask if it was for real.

"Of course it is." At this stage, I really did believe that it was.

"Just seeing them so happy together, makes me realise the problems that I have in my marriage"

I've heard chat up lines in my life, but that wins the prize!

The festivities went on til a million o'clock. We just kept reminding Jenny


Many thanks to Mustafa and the staff of Foleys for being such

wonderful sports and joining in completely with us five mad women.

As Gwen said the next day

"This will never not be funny!"

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