Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whistle while you work!

, There is a new student teacher in our school. She is young, slim, beautiful and blonde. Did I mention young?
Last week my class were performing in Baconsvision. It is our version of Eurovision. The kids can take the air of any song that they know, but they have to change the lyrics completely. This year some of them would have given the real Eurovision entrants a run for their money. Anyway, when Ms Student Teacher came into the hall with her class, my whole class of 12 year old boys hit puberty at the same time. They started nudging each other and giggling. My boys were giggling!
Get your hormones back in your pockets!

Today I had to have a chat with them.
"Boys, I have heard that some of you were wolf-whistling at the new teacher".

A few of them looked a bit sheepish...or rather they looked like little wolves in sheep's clothing.
"If you are not going to whistle at me, then you are not allowed whistle at anyone else!"

J looked at me and said
"In that case we won't be wolf-whistling again."
Success, but at a cost...my self esteem!


  1. Yes but noeleen, who needs wolf whistles from 12 year old boys, when you can have men;)

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