Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ode to a rubber!!

Several months ago in school, we got a letter from Navan Educational Centre. They were publishing a children's book of poetry and were wondering if we wanted to contribute to it. Our class had spent a lot of time on poetry writing, so I compiled a selection of poems from all the children and sent them off.
A few weeks ago I got word back to say that one of my girl's poem had been chosen for inclusion in the book and we were invited to its launch. It was so long ago I couldn't remember the poem, but we were all thrilled.
She could choose two friends to go with her, so off we set yesterday to the Education Centre. It was a gloriously sunny day, so us four girlies (yes I include myself in that) donned sunglasses, put the roof down on the car and set off! I was quite jealous that she was a published author already while I have nothing in print yet!
The centre was thronged and we had trouble getting a seat. Not our week for attending events! The adjudicator/poet took each child up, read a bit of their poem and made nice comments about it. When she began to quote from E's poem I could feel the blood draining from my face! It sounded soooooo different when an adult was reading it. I looked around to see what reaction the rest of the audience was having

Please let me be the only one with a dirty mind!

So this poem is now published under our school's name. It is a beautiful poem. It is written by an innocent child. If you get any other meaning from it, then it is just your dirty mind!!!

Ode to a rubber.

I'm sorry
for rubbing you so hard
On my page
it's just when I make a mistake
I get so enraged
I promise I'll be nice to you
all the time.
I hope you're not mad at me
I will now rub you gently.

All I can say is, we will use the term "eraser" next year!

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