Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's the real thing

I managed to do two things at once from A Girl for all Seasons. Firstly June is the season "to see and be seen at".... Ascot. Well seeing as I'm in the wrong country for that, I set off for Kilbeggan Horse Races instead!
June 6th is also the date that Coca-Cola was registered in 1889. As I was driving I ordered a Diet Coke. It came in this fab pink leopard-print can

That kinda made up for the fact that there was no vodka in it :(

Had a great day at the races, despite that fact that I only had one winner. However a fiver each way won't break me. It was the walking around in impossibly high heels that nearly broke me. Luckily I have learned over the years to have a pair of flatties in my bag.
So I started off the day in my Sex and the City shoes....

But ended the day in my Fair City shoes..