Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going a little Gaga

This picture was drawn by my 16 year old nephew Niall. How talented is he? He obviously takes after me despite the fact that I can barely draw breath!
I was at the wrap party for our play Mauritius. I know that was ages ago, but better late than never. A discussion started about Lady Gaga, as to whether her success is due to her musical talent or her theatrics. Someone said that she has hired the creator of "Bodies-the Exhibition" for her tour. She wants to incorporate preserved corpses into her show. A heated debate ensued. People felt that there was no way of knowing whether those deceased people had agreed to take part in her show. So Lady Gag was slated for even suggesting using preserved corpses in her show.
My feelings on the matter are
Hey, Daniel O Donnell has been doing that for years and no one has complained!!!