Thursday, June 3, 2010

Abu Dhabi Do

Headed off to see Sex and the City. I was a late-comer to the whole SATC experience. When the series first started it was banned from being shown where I was living, which just happened to be....Abu Dhabi! It's ironic that the film is now set there. I know it was filmed in Morocco. If the "powers that be"wouldn't show a programme with the word Sex in the title, they would hardly allow it to be filmed there. However, it was very authentic-looking. The only thing they got wrong was the Souk. That was definitely a Moroccan bazaar. The souk in Abu Dhabi burned down while I lived there, a total coincidence I hasten to add! They rebuilt it indoors and now it looks like Liffey Valley!

I went to the cinema with my friend who lived in Abu Dhabi the same time as myself. It was a trip down memory lane. While every other woman was gasping over the fashions, we kept saying

"Oh, look at the white and gold taxis".
"I remember those dirhams"

While we were coming out, lots of the women were saying,"That was a bit far-fetched. There is no way it could be like that in real life".

All I can say is "Oh yes it is!"

A friend of mine, Alexa was teaching the sheik's daughter and she was invited to her 16th birthday party. She invited me along. It was certainly a different experience..... a party with no alcohol and no men! We were worried that our clothes wouldn't be suitable so we went out specially to buy some ultra conservative outfits, long sleeves/long skirt/high neckline.
Off we went to the you do! It was absolutely amazing. There was a tree growning up through the middle of the bathroom! Mine just has mildew!
Alexa and I blended in nicely with the abaiya-clad women...until the party girl arrived with her mother, the Sheika. Then, just like in the film, the abaiyas were whipped off. It was all designer gear that lay underneath. And there was quite a bit of cleavage on show. Alexa and I looked like two grannies :(
The Sheika came around to welcome everyone. Her dress was like the famous or is that infamous?) Elizabeth Hurley safety-pin dress. I couldn't take my eyes off her cleavage, not that I have lesbian tendancies! It was just that she was wearing a necklace with the largest diamond I had ever seen. You know the diamond from the film The Titanic?

Well this one was the size of the iceberg!


  1. I am off to see Sex and the City today. Looking forward to the memories of UAE.

    We will have to compare after i get back from the movie. Love your blog...keep it going!

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