Friday, May 28, 2010


OK. So it's not me.

I had my last training session before doing my "Swim with A Smile" this weekend. I swam 78 lengths. I could have gone for the 80 lengths but I want to wait til the actual event before I achieve my goal.

I was relaxing in the jacuzzi after my swim. There was a man there with me and he started up a conversation as you do in a jacuzzi!!!. He said that he had seen me power up and down the pool! I explained to him that I was doing a sponsored swim in aid of child cancer care aid. He was really positive about what I was doing and said that he wanted to sponsor me.

Great.But where do you keep your money...we're semi-naked!

He said that he'd leave the money for me at reception so I gave him my name. He looked at me and said that he had known a man called Tommy Lynam. I nearly squealed with excitement and told him that was my Dad! He went on to say that he had known him well through work and that he had been a wonderful man and an absolute gentleman....all of which I know, but it was so lovely to hear it being said by someone else.

As I was leaving the jacuzzi, as wrinkled as a prune as I had spent longer there than normal, he said that I was doing something really good and that my Dad would be very proud of me.

I went and had my shower....and a little cry. I just know it was Dad's way of telling me that he was proud of me. Bring on that mile!