Saturday, May 29, 2010


I'm smiling :)

I have just come back from the pool where I have completed my 80 lengths swim. I was really nervous this morning as I didn't know how I would get on. Yesterday morning when I got up, I wasn't feeling the best. Couldn't face breakfast and headed off to school. By lunchtime things had gotten worse. I was sitting in the staffroom when I began to feel really nauseous. I knew I had to get out of there and home as soon as possible.
As I was driving home, I just keep praying
Please God, let me get home before I throw up.

I really needed to stop and get petrol, but I knew I couldn't risk it. Pulled up outside my house, jumped out, into my house, up to the bathroom where I proceeded to throw up things I ate as a child! Not attractive I know. I managed to make it to my bed and slept for three hours. When I woke up I was feeling much better. Managed to drink some soup....and keep it down.
I was feeling fine this morning, absolutely starving but I just had a light breakfast. I didn't want to risk cramping, or sinking!
When I started the car to head in to town I realised that there was no petrol in the tank. Our local petrol station closed down a while ago, recessionary times and all that. The nearest one is about 12 km away, beside the pool.
I set off, praying
Please God, let me get to the petrol station before I run out.
Just realised that I spend a lot of time recently praying in the car!
Made it there safely. I signed in and headed for the pool.
There was a lane assigned for the people doing the sponsored swim. Its held over the weekend so there are people coming and going all the time. I got in and did my two warm up lengths. As I finished there was a fellow swimmer stopped at the end. Had a quick chat. He asked

"How many lengths have you still to do?"
"78! How many have you?"
"Just 2!"
I did a few more lengths and then he was waiting again. He was finished but he had waited to wish me luck for the rest of it, which was lovely.
Lengths 1-20 were really difficult. I just couldn't get in to the swing of it. Didn't know if it was because of yesterday.
Lengths 21-50 were so much easier. I was flying, I mean swimming.
Lengths 51-70. I was getting tired but knew I could do it.
At the end of length 70 I was having a little rest. There was a girl just after starting and she asked me how many lengths I had to do.
I know she said "B****!" in her mind, but thats ok, I know how she felt!
Lengths 69-80 The end was in sight and I felt that I could have done 30 more...until I completed 80 and could go no further. I hung around to wish my fellow swimmer good luck for the remainder of her swim.
I felt so proud of myself I could burst. Went straight in to the hotel to get something to eat. I guzzled it down so quickly I nearly did burst.
I called into my brother's house on the way home. My niece had a present for me....

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