Monday, April 19, 2010

Its an ill wind......

I have just had a text from my fiend Ruth in Abu Dhabi who has been "stuck" there since last Thursday because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Is it wrong to wish it was me!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm home!

I have had a fabulous 12 days in Abu Dhabi. Weather was glorious, about 35 degrees with no humidity. As I remember it was the humidity that used to kill me while I lived there. But now I could spend lazy days on the beach, cooled by a breeze from the sea. Local people kept telling me that I was lucky to be there at this time of year, as the weather gets "bad" from now on. But they mean it gets too hot to be bearable. Bad weather has a completely different conotation in Ireland!
I had many little adventures while in Abu Dhabi, which I will recount later.
I was dreading my return to cold and dreary weather. In fact it snowed while I was away. (Glad I missed that one!) But I was pleasantly surprised. Weather is glorious. I am taking full responsibility for bringing the sunshine home with me.

Everywhere looks much greener and brighter. I went for my walk this morning and I encountered the daffodils that had been absent on March 1st. Better late than never!

In fact the weather is so good I've been driving around topless.......