Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can Percy come on holidays?

Here is Percy, my faithful neck support that comes with me on all my plane journeys. I am ready to head off on my Easter hols in a few hours and I have retrieved Percy from his hiding place in the spare room. But it has suddenly dawned on me....I don't know if I should bring him. I'm going to Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Having lived there for several years I know that pigs are regarded as unclean and are banned from all areas of life. In fact, in school we had the story of
The Three Little Lambs whose houses were blown down by the big bad wolf. And take it from me, it just didn't have the same dramatic effect as the original!
But I really need Percy as I am going on a night flight. I don't want to offend anyone, so I think I'll smuggle Percy in my handluggage..and depending on who I am sitting beside, Percy may be released.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The true value of 10 cent

I stopped off in Trim to get a few messages. When I stopped in the carpark I opened my purse to get money for the parking metre. Shock, horror, I could only find 20 cent in change, but I needed 30.
I was in a dilema.
Should I go to the nearby shop and buy something I didn't need in order to get change or would I risk not paying? After all, I would only be gone a few minutes. But...I'm such a law-abiding citizen I couldn't risk it.
Then I remembered.
A 10 cent coin had fallen down the side of my car seat the other day and I didn't bother to retrieve it as it was a mere 10c. NOT ANY MORE! It was now invaluable.
But where had the little blighter gone? I moved my seat back. I moved my seat forward. I wriggled my hand down the side. Eventually my fingertips touched the round smooth metal. A bit more fumbling and it was in my grasp. Disaster! My hand was stuck! By breathing in I managed to release it!
As I was feeding my precious coins into the parking meter who should pass by but my friendly local traffic warden! I smiled at him sweetly.
On the way back I decided to take a photo of the aforementioned parking meter for this blogsite. As I studied it from every angle, trying to get the best shot, I realised that the milling tourists were giving me very perturbed looks. Then it dawned on me. I was standing right in front of Hugh DeLacey's 12th century Norman castle. It is probably better known as the castle that was featured in the blockbuster Braveheart. These people had travelled from the four corners of the world to see it and I was busy taking a photo of.....a parking metre!
Well, old Hugh De Lacy himself couldn't have saved me from a parking fine. That parking meter sure did!
This is what I should have been taking a photo of -

But this is what caught my attention -

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's all relative!

Albert Einstein was born in 1879. I was very impressed that by the age of twelve he had mastered euclidean geometry. Soon after he began to investigate infinitesimal calculus. I kept this in mind as I was teaching my class of twelve year olds how to reduce a 600 euro sofa by 40%. And boy, am I glad I didn't have little Einstein before me. I'd never have coped with trying to work out any of those problems.
One aspect of his biography struck a chord with me. While attending Secondary school in Northern Switzerland, he stayed with the family of Professor Winteler. He fell in love with the family daughter Marie. Albert went on to college and Marie took a teaching post nearby. However that was the last mention of poor Marie! Einstein hit it off with the only woman in his course in college, Mileva Maric (typical). They had a daughter in 1902 and got married a year later.
I hope Marie met a nice man and lived happily ever after!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not quite the Oscars....but close!

According to "A Girl for all Seasons"
Getting invited to the Academy awards (in your own right and not as someone's arm candy) is tough, in fact close to impossible.
Well I'm not fussy. I waited..and waited for George Clooney to call but all in vain.
So I did the next best thing. I joined the backstage crew for Bradan Players' production of Mauritius as they go on the All Ireland Drama circuit.
Last weekend saw us up North in Enniskillen and Derry. Lots of drama both on and off the stage resulting in two fab performances! We won in Enniskillen and also got the audience award and the best overall play. All the actors were nominated. We came third in Derry and got best stage management (go us!)
Onto the bright lights of Kildare on Wednesday where Jenny got best actress and Gillian got best supporting actress.
Looking good for reaching the All Ireland finals. So all I can say is
George, if you are reading this, don't bother ringing me now trying to get an invite. Too late!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I wandered lonely as a cloud.......

As today is St.David's Day, it was my mission to find some daffodils! I set off on my walk after school. This might seem like an easy task but believe me, it wasn't. I'll set the scene for you. I have just returned from a rugby weekend in Twickenham, a match which Ireland won!!!!! When my brain informed my body that I was going for a nice walk in the Spring air, my legs cried out in horror. All they wanted was a nice cosy bed. But I marched on...well, more of a stroll really!
I knew that there had been "a host of golden daffodils" outside a neighbour's house last year, so I headed there. Alas, the snowdrops had made a glorious appearance, but the daffs had just managed to break the surface! Not to be deterred, I took a photo of what was there so far. I will monitor their progress over the next few weeks.
As I was kneeling down taking the photo, it occured to me that my neighbours were probably peering out the window saying
What on earth is that mad one from down the road doing, taking a photo of......nothing????