Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am back in the land of technology! Things were bad enough when I was physically blocked into my house because of the ice. Then disaster struck. My computer crashed....completely. I lost all my files. I just got it back today...and my camera decided to go on the blink. It refuses to open its shutter. Now I'm afraid to touch anything. I'm very wary about going to the loo!
I continued on my mission to do all it suggests in the book. I decided to try the Cabbage Diet. Because of the wind factor I figured it would be better to try it while I wasn't in contact with anyone who still had the sense of smell. I have to admit I couldn't face having it for breakfast. I had it for lunch and dinner on two consecative days. I couldn't follow it for any longer. Its not that it tasted that bad but it was very bland. On the plus side, I lost 1kg over the two days. So I suppose if you were desperate to lose weight.
I had a fab, apetitising photo of it but I lost it in the Great Crash. Oh, oh. Maybe thats what caused my computer to crash!!!

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