Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to diet and detox

How to diet and detox

This is very familiar territory to me. I've been looking over my old diaries and I've spotted a common theme among my Jan 1st entries.

1980: Went for a walk today. I have to lose 1/2 stone.

1990: This is the decade that I reach my ideal weight.

2000: Can't believe that I'm still trying to lose weight.


In fact I've been losing and gaining the same 7 lbs for that past 30 years. In total I have lost the equiviliant of a Victoria Beckham. (What am I talking about? I've lost the entire Spice Girls!)
I honestly thought that losing weight would not be one of my usual resolutions this year as I have eventually been successful in losing a full stone in the past year. I then got lots of chocolates from the children in my class as Christmas presents. But my willpower was strong. I put them under the Christmas tree (the chocolates, not the children) and promised myself that I would give them out to the kids as treats next term. Of course this is purely because I am such a thoughtful teacher..not because I am thinking of my hips.
Then disaster struck! The weather was so bad over the hols that I was house bound for a couple of days. I lay lounging on the couch in front of the telly....within arm's length of the tree and the chocs. Just lets say that the children won't be getting as many treats as they should!
So a few weeks of detoxing won't go amiss.
In "A Girl for all Seasons" the author lists the top diets worth trying, and I've tried most of them during my dieting career...Atkins, GI, GL, Weight Watchers, you name it I've done it. My favourite is a combination of Low GI/GL. So I'll do that.
But as any dieter worth her weight in salt knows, you never start a diet on Saturday, always wait til Monday!