Saturday, January 9, 2010

First visitor of the year

This post is a little later than intended. In the book, under the section on New Year's Eve, it talks about Hogmanay. It says that the first visitor to your house in the New Year should be male and darkhaired ....and bearing a gift. If he is, then you will have a year of good luck. I figure that if such a hunk should arrive at my house at any time I would be extremely lucky!
I have just had my first visitor . Now, I like to think the delay is because of the Narnia-like conditions outside which make travelling to my remote house very difficult, not because I am a Norma No Mates!!!
I have changed my bin-collection company, so Patsy arrived yesterday with details of what I had to do.
Male: tick
Dark: he was bald, so he may have been darkhaired in the 80s
Bearing gifts: Do two wheelie bins count???